Mission Statement:

“Organized to encourage and foster the welfare of the hospital in supporting hospital goals and initiatives, members act as ambassadors to the community, promote community relations and providing funding for the selected projects which benefit the community hospital directly and indirectly.”

Board Members:

Co-Presidents: Marye Meeker & Erin Spohn

Vice President: Karen Brokenicky

Secretary: Candi Allison

Corresponding Secretary: Sally Lindquist

Membership: Lynn Welle

Treasurer: Dee Johnson

Reporter/Newsletter: Eileen Hinkin

Fundraising: Kylie Austin

Scholarship: Bev Fulton

Member(s) at Large: Rawley Philpott, Tracey Gros, Collen Riley

For information on how you can get involved in the Mercy Auxiliary,

contact Lynn Welle at lynn@welle.org.

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